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To choose a relevant colour scheme is the most important thing before you start working on the project. Colour says a lot about your brand, and we hold things tight to make sure that you come up with the best colours!

Different colours mean different things, and it’s great to have an understanding of what colour schemes in your industry are mostly used. Even if you are rebranding, if you are looking to improve the picture of your organization, trying a new colour scheme could be the way to go. Let’s talk about how you can pick the right colour scheme for your new Logo before we dive into the methods we’ve collected for you. Here are some tips when it comes to finding the perfect logo colour scheme:

Understand the Voice of your Brand: What type of message do you want to convey? Is your brand friendly and relatable? Authoritative and bold?

It can be a significant factor in selecting brand colours that help express the voice and personality of the brand to understand how you plan to focus your messaging.

Yellow, for instance, can express friendliness and optimism, while blue can communicate faith and intellect. Yellow would be integrated into their marketing colours by a less severe brand, while blue would be used by more severe businesses such as- health insurance and financial institutions.

Study your Competitors: A smart way to get a better understanding of the colours used in your industry is to pay attention to the colour schemes that your rivals are using in their logos.

This will also help you decide whether using similar colours to blend in will be better, or do something new to stand out.

Understand Colour Psychology: Colours are hard workers. They tell tales, express words, moods, interact and associate ideas with price points.

In logo design, colour can play a number of different roles aesthetically. To enhance design elements or set a tone, you can use colour as the focal point or hold it in the background.