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Memphis Grizzlies Logos and Fonts

Written by zalalbd

July 11, 2021

Memphis Grizzlies is mainly a new and Professional Basketball Team that has two different logos as of now. The first logo of this team was modified a bit because of minor change in the name of the team.

Memphis Grizzlies Logo Concepts and History

Memphis Grizzlies Club was mainly established in 1995 in British Colombia based on the name Vancouver Grizzlies. The team was first associated with NBA’s expansion in Canada but it moved to the United States later. Moreover, the club started playing in Memphis, a city in Tennessee and that’s where it got its name.

During this period, the logo for Memphis Grizzlies was almost the same apart from a small change in its wordmark through which the new name for the team was reflected.

Memphis Grizzlies Logo between 1995 and 2001

The original Memphis Grizzlies Logo features an energetic but offensive bear grabbing a Basketball in the paw. The teeth as well as the nails of the bear can be seen quite clearly in Memphis Grizzlies Logo. Moreover, the way this bear is holding the basketball, it is obvious that the paw is bigger in size as compared to the ball. Taking into account the size of that bear, the designer of the Memphis Grizzlies Logo found another way to emphasize its dominance which is ultimately used to scare other teams. We forget to mention, we are the custom logo designer in Memphis and this effort is just a simple initiative to compile information what we got form online.

Memphis Grizzlies Logo Between 2001 and 2004

When Memphis Grizzlies club was shifted to the United States, just a single word was changed in its logo. The word “Memphis” took the place of the word “Vancouver” in the logo while the rest of the logo remained unchaanged.

Memphis Grizzlies Logo Between 2004 and 2018

The current Memphis Grizzlies Logo comprises the head of a bear along with yellow eyes but the bear doesn’t seem to be real at all. Moreover, the logo is quite easy to reproduce these days.

Memphis Grizzlies Logo from 2018 till now

Memphis Grizzlies Logo was redesigned back in 2018 which enhanced its previous version. The emblem in the logo was made darker while the letters were made solid as well as straight. Now, the written part of Memphis Grizzlies Logo is set under the picture and is written in dark blue color. The typeface of upper part of Memphis Grizzlies Logo is plane while the lower part is quite geometric and is having sharp corners.

Colors of Memphis Grizzlies Logo

The colors used for Memphis Grizzlies Logo depend upon the official guidelines regarding its usage. However, the primary palette of this team has the following colors: Grizzlies Navy (and Blue), Smoke Blue and a golden shade of yellow.

Font used for Memphis Grizzlies Logo

The letters present in the current Memphis Grizzlies Logo seem to be a traditional artwork. What makes this logo even more is the addition of some unexceptional sharp elements which mainly symbolize the sharp nails of grizlley bear which ultimately creates a visual as well as a symbolic connection with the Memphis Grizzlies Logo and the name of the team.

Uses of Memphis Grizzlies Logo

Logos have always played a huge role in the success either it is for a business or a company or any other industry. Same goes for Sports Industries. As the history of Memphis Grizzlies Logo suggests, it was and is currently used for Memphis Grizzlies Basketball team. Every single part of this logo seems to show something excellent but the most scary and effective of them all is the bear that is there to scare other teams. Since a bear is always ready to attack and get rid of his enemy, so does this Memphis Grizzlies Logo say.

The changes made in Memphis Grizzlies Logo from showing a bear grabbing the ball in its paws to the bear having yellow eyes and aggressive face in the past 20-30 years clearly indicate that they’re going with the flow and working hard to scare and beat other teams on and off the field in the most emphatic way. The most important part is that they’ve been successful in their mission to a large extent. So, the Memphis Grizzlies Logo has played a key role in their success and will keep on doing it for Memphis Grizzlies Basketball Team for sure.


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