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Before choosing your logo colour scheme, make sure you have a detailed understanding of colour psychology so that your brand emits the perfect message. Based on the tints and shades, they may have positive connotations, and you don’t want to send the wrong message in your Logo for sure!

 Why Is Colour Psychology so Important?

Although selecting the right colours will increase your brand perception, your brand reputation can be affected by poor colour selection. For example, it can turn out to be less readable and challenging for your audience to comprehend if you select the wrong colours for your content or logo. Or all together you can risk being overlooked.

Marketers can use colour to influence how individuals think and act towards a brand and how they perceive some details. Colour selection can help individuals determine what is essential. And that’s why content marketers need to know what various colours mean.

Red and Orange

Do you know why a lot of companies use Red colour? Especially sports brands? Because it’s the expression of energy! You may have noted that some brands use red as a way of standing out on the shelves for ‘order now’ buttons or for their packaging. Red is the most intense colour in colour psychology. And hence the most substantial feelings may be triggered. Red can also cause risk, so you want to use the paint sparingly. If you add the colour red to your website, if it contrasts nicely with your store design, save it for the call-to-action or sales icons.

On the other hand, Orange reflects imagination, adventure, passion, performance, and equilibrium. Any picture, website, or marketing material it’s on brings a bit of fun to the colour orange. Despite the colour it draws, it is not as demanding as the red colour. Many advertisers do use the paint to call on a website’s acts or places that they want to catch the eye too.

Yellow Colour

This colour evokes feelings of joy, trust, hope, and summer, but also of deceit and alarm. For their website design, some brands prefer to use a cheerful yellow colour as the backdrop or border. For your ‘free shipping’ bar at the top of your page, you can also opt to use yellow if it suits the rest of the design of your website. A little touch of yellow can help visitors to your website associate something positive with your shop.

Yellow exudes cheer, and accessible, youthful energy can radiate throughout your brand. In subtractive colour systems, yellow is a primary colour, which was one of the first paint colours that humans were able to combine. It’s one of those very diverse shades. Light and young, a gentle, bright yellow is where deep gold retains more weight and tradition.

Green Colour

Green psychology is positively linked to nature and wealth. Some of the festive colour meanings for the colour include growth, vitality, fitness, and generosity. Some negative associations, such as jealousy often bear the colour significance of green. You might choose to add more green to your online store if you’re in the health or fitness niche.

The ultimate in versatility reveals that green is not associated with many characteristics of brand personality, but has strong cultural associations. Since plants are green (and come back to life after a long winter), many people say that green is the colour of growth or new life, and pregnant women were almost always painted green in the Middle Ages.

Blue Colour

The colour of blue is closely related to the sea and the sky. When you integrate the colour blue into your brand, security, harmony, goodwill, calm, and trust are just some of the feelings your client can feel about your brand. Blue symbolizes efficiency and maturity. When you want to be taken seriously, you should use it for your brand.

Blue is also used by tech brands like Facebook, Twitter and Skype in their ads. But the colour is also used by retailers including Walmart and Oral B. Oral B is a company that offers toothbrushes for dental hygiene. In their branding, healthcare niches, including Oral B, usually use blue to help individuals connect the brand with a quality, reliable and healthy product.

Black Colour

In retail, black is a standard colour. The colour significance of black in colour psychology is symbolic of mystery, strength, beauty, and sophistication. The sense of colour, on the other hand, may also elicit feelings such as sadness and rage.

In the same way as orange and purple, black is not a pigment. Humans see such colours because they are a particular light wavelength that we can recognize and discern. In logos, many fashion retailers have used black. Black is also a standard text colour, as it is an easy to read colour. To build a specific tone or continuity on their website, some brands prefer to use black and white photographs for lifestyle banner images or icons.