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We can help you connect with the customers with powerful logos, engaging websites and on-target marketing materials to communicate your value.

Our goal is to build Logos, websites and marketing materials that make a clear statement as to who you are! The ensuing are some specialities from our company:

Design with a concept and use it as a professional strategy.

  1. Provide correct formats with multiple variations.
  2. Project a professional image.
  3. Committed to providing the best service.
  4. Get a return on your investment.

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Format of LOGO

Although the scalability requirement plays a significant role in the success of a logo, you should also make sure that you are checked on various mediums. It will look different from the logo on a business card or a pamphlet on a website. Since desktop, mobile, and print-based channels vary greatly, test their presence on your website, mobile, printed packaging and other marketing collateral. No matter what medium it is, a logo must look fine: digital, written or even as an app or favourite icon.


Choose the Right Format for your Brand

Suppose you are done with all the steps regarding custom logo design, now the most important thing is, “ Which format is the best for my Logo?”

Each format is best for a specific purpose. If vector format is suitable for illustration, it doesn’t mean Raster graphics are poor. If you choose a company, most of the time, they have the ability of some specific pictures. But with Logo Design Memphis, it’s not!

We offer quality work in ensuing formats:

The most common Logo formats are- Al, PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG, PDF.

Al-Adobe Illustrator

This is the best software to create and edit your logo, obviously. Our professionals use this software to open and save files like- working file, source file, master file. When they open these files using Adobe Illustrator, it ensures that your design remains the same as you dreamt of!

PDF Format

A PDF might be a vector file or raster. You can open the file and view it even if you don’t have any software.

But we do not believe in compromise. We use programmes like- PowerPoint or Photoshop and then save the file in PDF format.

EPS Format

It’s a vector-based file and is meant for printing. So, it can be sized up or down without worsening the image quality.

If you don’t have software that allows you to place or import EPS, then it might cause damage to the picture quality.

Brand Development

Custom logo for branding